Castelbouc's legend

Discover the mysterious legend of Castelbouc’s castle

Castelbouc's Legend

Of the Castelbouc castle, which dominates the eponymous village, only ruins remain. It is already mentioned in the 12th century. At the end of the 16th century the castle was dismantled, under the orders of the States of Gévaudan, so that it did not fall into the hands of Protestants or thieves.

In the 13th century, Raymond de Castelbouc, lord of the castle, refused to go on crusade. Its history is at the origin of the legend which gave its name to the castle. It tells that during the first crusade, while all the lords and men of the region left for the Holy Land, the lord, reluctant to fight chose to stay in his castle. The lord favored the village’s women, desperately waiting for their spouses who had left on crusade. He then made every effort to fulfill the ladies’ lusts, so much so that he died of exhaustion. After his death, a goat, symbol of virility but also of the devil, appeared above the castle, to vanish across the horizon.