The Festival

Every year, the village of Chanac retreat for three days to the rhythm of the detour du monde.

This unmissable time of year is a meeting place in Lozere for all lovers of music to explore for the purpose of reconnecting. Thousands of attendees each year may come to watch other writers and artists become enlightened by one another.

All are welcome to share their experiences and the true diversity of cultures in music. Planned months in advance, each day is arranged thoroughly to provide a rich and electric program throughout. Adult artists can thrive in these musical workshops for a variety of specialties.

There are plenty of conferences, projections and reflections that one may attend daily. All will leave feeling refreshed and stretched intellectually and artistically, and it is such a wonderful experience- a true retreat.

World rumors


Before you even get to the heart of Chanac, at the foot of the Donjon where the festival takes place, you get in the mood by listening to the radio station "Rumeurs du Monde" specially broadcast in Chanac and his surroundings during the festivities. It is led by a team of local journalists from local and regional association radios, who relay the atmosphere of the festival and introduce us to the artists playing the same evening.

The World Market


We then walk around the Place du Plo, where you can stroll: refreshments but also a "world market", a craft and gastronomic market that brings together wealth from all over the world. Nearly forty exhibitors meet each year in the heart of the village: a unique opportunity in Lozère to discover exotic flavors and remarkable craftsmanship.

Artist solo


Not far from there, strolling through the alleys of the village, you can have the chance to come across an "artist solo" and experience a moment of grace: attend an intimate concert with artists from far away, at the heart of exceptional heritage places, often homestay. These small improvised concerts give the opportunity to live an intimate moment with musicians happy to share their art and bring their culture to life around the world.



Finally, comes the meeting awaited by all: the start of the concerts on the big stage! Eclectic and cutting-edge, the performances are linked to the pleasure of festival-goers. Over the course of the evening, the Donjon which dominates the premises lights up in the colors of the festival. Time seems to have stopped and it is with sadness that the festival-goers leave the scene during the last concert. Only positive: the festival lasts for a weekend, and even when it finally ends, we know that it will start again next year!

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