Churches of the Aubrac Mountains

Discover Aubrac’s charms and religious heritage’s mysteries.

Discover the churches and chapels of the Aubrac mountains

Living in the Aubrac mountains during the High Middle Ages was not easy: brigands and bandits on the main roads, wolves and other ferocious beasts were as many unfortunate encounters the Aubrac inhabitants and pilgrims could make when they crossed the plateau’s vast expanses then covered with thick and dark forests, before the monks of the Domerie d'Aubrac undertook an immense land clearing site. From this mysterious past remains a moving religious heritage: numerous churches, crosses, but also monastic barns as in the hamlet of Plagnes.

Aubrac is a land of pilgrimage: Santiago of Compostela but also Saint-Guilhem le Désert and Urbain V... these paths, which have become GR hiking trails, sprinkle the highlands.

The modest but nevertheless elegant parish churches are no less moving, and many feel overwhelmed by these places’ sensitivity which were the privileged witnesses of its villages and hamlets’ history.

How can we not imagine when we enter the church of Les Hermaux, Saint-Pierre de Nogaret or Les Salces, the villagers who followed each other within these walls, generation after generation? Guardians of their sorrows and joys, they have attended the most significant stages of their lives. Let yourself be guided, listen, and maybe you will be able to hear the whispering stones...