Déroc waterfall

End point of the famous Lakes Route, the Déroc waterfall is one of the treasures that nature has shaped on the Aubrac plateau.

The Déroc waterfall

The Déroc waterfall, 3 km from Nasbinals, overlooks the small glacial valley of the Gambaïse stream by thirty meters. It is made up of this tributary of the Bès creek and the outlet of Lake Salhiens, which joins up with a basalt rim to fall down nearly 30 meters below. The cascade shelters one of Aubrac’s treasures: a small cave, which spectacular ceiling is formed by imposing basalt columns. This cave would have been thieves’ refuge in ancient times.

A parking space allows you to park at the entrance of the path that leads to the waterfall, while a souvenir/snack kiosk is open during the summer season. You can take a 30-minute family walk, but access to the cave under the waterfall requires good physical condition. The site is not secured, it is therefore necessary to supervise children and not to get too close to the void.