The Aubrac Mountain's Lakes

The jewels of Aubrac

Discover the lakes on the Aubrac plateau

The Aubrac plateau with its vast pastures is home to nature's treasures: discover the four lakes of natural origin of the plateau, all located in the middle of endless mountain meadows. Their dark waters reflect the sky’s whims and contrast with the dazzling colors of the wilderness that surrounds them.

Paradise for fishermen and hikers, you will have the opportunity to observe many rare plant species and the rich and varied fauna that populates these exceptional natural environments, not to mention the beautiful Aubrac cows grazing near their shores and sometimes quenching their thirst.

Don't wait any longer to cross the Lakes Route and discover the lakes of Saint-Andéol, Born, Salhiens and Souveyrols.

The origin of the Aubrac Lakes

The four lakes on the Lakes Route are glacial of origin. They formed when the ice cap that covered the Aubrac plateau melted. They are of two types:

  • Umbilical type for Saint-Andéol and Souveyrols: the ice remained trapped in a hollow. Their depth can be important.
  • Morain type: from a moraine dam, when the melting ice gets stuck behind a landform. This is the case with Lake Salhiens.