Born Lake

Discover Born Lake of the Aubrac Plateau

Discover the Born Lake

The Born Lake is located on the Aubrac plateau, between the Les Salces and Marchastel communes. It is one of the plateau’s glacial lakes. It offers us a typical panorama of the Aubrac mountains’ landscapes, and it is not uncommon to see cows grazing near its shores. It is about fifteen metres long , has an area of 151 hectares and is surrounded by wetlands and peat bogs that give it a special ecological interest. In particular, you may be able to spotEuropean otters, as well as other protected and/or threatened species.

A bit of history: After the defeat of Francis I in Pavia in 1526, the monks of the Domerie d'Aubrac helped him in order to pay a ransom to the Italians. As a sign of gratitude, the king had the Lake Born filled with carp fish for the plateau’s inhabitants.