The Lakes Route

From Bonnecombe to Nasbinals, one of the most beautiful roads in Lozère.

North of La Canourgue and Saint-Germain du Teil and south of Nasbinals, from the Bonnecombe Pass to the village of Nasbinals, you can take one of the most beautiful roads in Lozère: the "Lakes Route" also known as the "Silver Route", in reference to the silver reflections of the waters. This exceptional road stretches for 17 kilometres. You will discover four lakes - The Lake of Salhiens, the Lake of Souveyrols, that of Saint-Andéol, and that of Born - of glacial origin, reaching more than 1000 meters of altitude. At the end of this road, you will find the sublime Déroc waterfall, where an impressive 30-metre waterfall hides a cave made up of basaltic columns.

Come and enjoy the enchanting landscapes of Aubrac in all seasons: in spring, admire the lakes surrounded by flowers with thousands and one scents and colours, in summer admire the beautiful Aubrac cows graze in peace at the water's edge, in autumn, enjoy the tawny tones of the sun shaving the peaceful waters, and in winter, come and contemplate the plateau covered with a thick white coat.