Nasbinals, capital of Aubrac

Discover the village of Nasbinals in the Aubrac mountains

Nasbinals is a charming village located in Lozère, on the Aubrac mountains. Considered as the capital of the plateau, the village is made up of robust houses built of granite and basalt stones. You will not be able to cross Nasbinals without stopping at the Church of Saint Mary of Nasbinals. Octagonal bell tower, colored materials, arched vault and the statue of Santiago of Compostela: this superb architectural ensemble of dark granite constitutes one of the jewels of Romanesque art in Aubrac and on the way to Santiago of Compostela. Nasbinals is also located near the Chemin de Saint Guilhem and the Chemin Urbain V hiking trails.

In the heart of the Aubrac mountains, Nasbinals and its territory will seduce you with its wealth of landscapes: a vast highland covered with immense pastures which merge with the sky. This basalt earth, shaped since the end of the tertiary era by volcanic eruptions, extends as far as the eye can see. The rounded mountains covered with pastures, meadows and heaths remind us that Aubrac perpetuates an old pastoral tradition. It is a land known for its beautiful cows, its tome cheese and its aligot, but also for the various activities it provides: hikes, mountain biking, fishing, horse riding, hydrotherapy, cross-country skiing, Nordic hiking, snowshoeing ... and the richness of its heritage.

For centuries, the inhabitants of the Aubracmountains lived to the rhythm of transhumance: each spring the herds climbed for summer pasture and life was organized around the buron mountain huts, herd surveillance, milking and cheese making. Today, the way of life has changed but certain traditions continue. As such you can always taste the famous aligot in one of the many local restaurants, and you can always admire the beautiful Aubrac cows graze peacefully.