Transhumance is THE meeting not to be missed on Aubrac

Discover transhumance in the Aubrac mountains

Every year, on the Sunday closest to May 25, breeders decorate their cows with collars and flower crowns, and take them from the winter stables to the summer high pastures. A day not to be missed!

First carried out of economic necessity, transhumance on the Aubrac was formerly reserved for sheep breeders. This celebration, forgotten for decades, will be reborn at the Bonnecombe Pass thanks to the Aubrac Sud Lozère association in 1993, to become the transhumance of the beautiful Aubrac cow. It is now a must-see event, and symbol of the mountains’ inhabitants’ attachment to their customs.

As such, young and old, locals and curious visitors mix once a year to attend this great traditional celebration. The breeders present their most beautiful cows and there are demonstrations of folk dances and concerts in Occitan while tasting a perfect aligot.

Find the transhumance program organised in Bonnecombe by the Aubrac Sud Lozère association here.