The Aven Armand cave

Discover the famous Causse Méjean plateau’s cave

The Aven Armand

The Aven Armand cave is located on the Causse Méjean plateau, in the town of Hures-la-parade, between Meyrueis and Sainte-Énimie. It was discovered by Louis Armand, blacksmith and amateur caver resident in Le Rozier, on September 19, 1897, who was in the company of his acolyte, the famous Édouard-Alfred Martel.

The Aven Armand is not exactly a cave: the latter is a horizontal underground cavity, more or less deep, comprising at least one accessible part; while an Aven is a kind of abyss whose access opens into the ground in the form of a well. It is often formed by the collapse of the vault of a cave due to the dissolution of the limestone layers. The Grands Causses highlands are full of potholes and caves, because its high plateaus are formed of a particularly porous limestone soil, which lets water seep directly into the rock to sculpt a mysterious underground world.


In 1927, the pothole was secured to allow it to be opened to the public. To get there, a funicular takes us to the heart of this marvel with thousand lights that highlight these 400 spectacular stalagmites.

This gem of history allows everyone to share with family or friends a magical moment in a semi-fantasy universe narrated by the famous Jules Verne. With a little imagination by observing the shapes, the reflections and the shadows, we can guess the resemblances with a jellyfish school, a tiger jaw, a turkey, a palm tree, and even the Sagrada Familia. The Aven is also famous for having been the setting for two French productions: that of the French TV film Crime in Lozère, directed by Claude-Michel Rome in 2014 and that of Nolwenn Leroy’s video clip for her single Gemme in June 2017.

Do not hesitate to come and discover during an hour-long visit, a large unique and magical room, so vast that it could house the entire Notre Dame de Paris’ Cathedral. Accompanied by a passionate guide, you will have the privilege of traveling through time and playing with lights.