Grands Causses highland's church

To meet an exceptional religious heritage at the Grands Causses !

Churches, chapels and crosses of the Grands Causses highlands

On the Grands Causses highlands, religion has left us, as often, traces of the past, through an exceptional religious heritage: how not to evoke the Saint-Martin church in La Capelle, classified as a Historic Monument?

Numerous are its modest churches still ringing their bells through the countryside: the Church of La Piguière, Hures-la-Parade, Saint-Pierre in Saint-Pierre-les-Tripiers ... of all ages and all styles, they watch over the Caussenard villages and hamlets from the top of their bell towers.

There are also many crosses, such as the moving Buffre Cross, which has dominated the Causse Méjean plateau for over 800 years.


The Causse highland’s inhabitants work for the safeguard of their churches: the Association for the Safeguarding of La Piguière’s church has lead a restoration project of their church, which interior is entirely painted. Stop to admire these paintings through the open gates, or come and discover it thanks to the many visits supervised by the association’s members throughout the year.