La Tieule

Discover La Tieule on the Causse de Sauveterre plateau

The village of La Tieule

Perched on the Causse de Sauveterre plateau, there is a village whose life vibrates surprisingly strongly in the middle of the silent plateau. After declining for several decades, La Tieule comes back to life, thanks to its farm and its stables, lodges welcoming tourists and hikers passing through. For a long time owned by the town of Banassac, the village is independent since June 1842.

Particularly well preserved from climatic changes, the village of La Tieule and its hamlets will charm you with their typical Caussenard architecture. These places made up of picturesque dry stone farms are less populated than before, but have become more accessible. As such, the village of La Tieule which is located less than 5 minutes from the highway is a place with unparalleled tranquility. Come and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere that reigns here by staying in the many accommodations available.

Religion has left here, as often, traces of the past: as such, the current La Tieule’s Sauveterre stables (Ecuries de Sauveterre) were labelled "monastery" since Canon Pierre Ladet was born there and had presumably welcomed many clergy’s members thereafter. Despite this, it is always around sheep farming, here as everywhere on the Sauveterre highland, that the Caussenard architecture, so typical and endearing, has developed.