Le Recoux

Discover the Caussenard village of Le Recoux

Discover Le Recoux on the Causse de Sauveterre plateau

Le Recoux is an old village, now part of the Massegros Causses Gorges’ municipality. It is located on the Causse de Sauveterre plateau, in a relatively wooded area, between La Tieule and Le Massegros. It is surrounded by a “devèze” meadow where the sheep graze, which provide a large part of the milk for the Massegros dairy, world’s largest sheep milk processing dairy.

The village is made up of many Caussenard houses with picturesque charm, in an unspoiled natural setting. They allow the inhabitants and the visitor of this little piece of paradise to enjoy the calm and serenity of the Causse de Sauveterre highland, only a few minutes from the motorway and the Tarn river Canyon.