Discover the Lot river Valley

Embedded between the Aubrac and Causses plateaus, the Lot river Valley is a paradise between the two less hospitable highlands. The river takes its source on the northern slope of Mont Lozère and flows into the Garonne river several hundred kilometres further. It has facilitated human settlement for millennia: so much reason that Mende, the "capital" of Lozère, is located in its wake, as well as the charming villages of La Canourgue, Lozère’s little Venice and Chanac, making this part of Lozère the most populated territory.

The Lot river Valley’s activities and festivities

Nature lovers, come and enjoy the many possibilities that the Lot river Valley has to offer: tree climbing, canoeing, all-terrain scooter, numerous hiking trails, horse riding ... Discover the breathtaking scenic views and natural sites, the valley’ geology, and spot the animals populating the Lot and its banks, as well as its flora which flourishes within the protected spaces.

Meet the Valley’s inhabitants through the many festivities throughout the year:

  • Détours du Monde (foreign music festival) in Chanac,
  • Truffle Festival in La Canourgue
  • Singles fair in La Canourgue,
  • Theatre, concerts, flea markets and village festivals...

Take the opportunity to taste the local specialties that make our reputation: trout from Saint-Frézal, pouteille (meat stew), fricandeau and coupétado (French toast and prune dessert)...

The Lot river Valley’s cultural heritage

Discover the cultural heritage that the Valley men have left since prehistoric times. From the Neolithic to the present day, find your enlightenment: Gallo-Roman heritage with sigillated potteries at the Banassac Museum, vestiges from the Merovingian era, numerous medieval castles and ramparts, beautiful churches and chapels, Renaissance houses and unique villages such as La Canourgue and its canals, and let’s not forget the so-called small local heritage... there is so much to discover in this rich and fertile valley! After Saint-Laurent d'Olt, you can follow the Lot’s flow in Aveyron and visit one after the other picturesque villages classified "France’s most beautiful villages".

Accommodation in the Lot river Valley

A large choice of accommodation is available to make your stay in the Lot river Valley exceptional. Bed & breakfast, furnished country cottages in the great outdoors or in the heart of picturesque villages, hotels, holiday villages, municipal lodgings, campsites ... For a few days or weeks, choose the place that suits you best to live an unforgettable stay.