Protected areas

Come and breathe the pure air of the Lot river Valley.



Discover the protected areas of the Lot Valley

The Lot Valley and in particular the Vallon de l'Urugne host specific habitats of small areas which are essential for the maintenance of biodiversity and water quality. Some of these areas are classified as "Natura 2000" sites.

 Actions are regularly carried out to assess the state of their biodiversity and raise public awareness of the preservation of these habitats, which are home to exceptional flora and fauna. The creation of these zones also aims to reconcile the preservation of these territories with the social, economic and cultural activities carried out on the territory.

In the Vallon de l'Urugne area, there are 10 habitats of interest (dry lawns, limestones, petrifying sources in Roquaizou, etc.) as well as 8 species (including several bat species). The main challenges of the measures taken in these areas are the preservation of hedgerow landscapes with hedges useful for bird breeding and used as a hunting area for bats; as well as the preservation of orchid lawns threatened by overgrowth and soil enrichment.