The Lot river Valley's churches and chapels

Between mysteries and traditions

Come and let yourself be lulled by the legends that run between the old stones of the many religious buildings in the Lot Valley.



The Lot Valley churches and chapel

Visit La Canourgue: the Saint-Martin collegiate church, former collegiate church behind the birth of the village, and appreciate its unique architecture in Gévaudan. A few minutes away, in the shade of a charming valley where a miraculous spring flows, discover the Romanesque chapel of Saint-Frézal, where Bishop Saint-Frézal would have chased the bad druid. Restored recently, his tomb is still present under the altar of the choir of the chapel, which was once the church of the parish of Saint-Frézal.

Come and visit the charming Saint-Saturnin church at the foot of  Saint-Saturnin castle. This Romanesque church which was once the chapel of the castle is one of the oldest in Gévaudan. In the adjoining cemetery, you can still observe the tomb of the last count of Fraissinet, whose legend still survives in these places.

Perched on a rocky outcrop overlooking the Lot, near Montjézieu, the chapel of Saint-Jean du Bedel awaits you. Recently restored, it welcomes guided tours each summer where enthusiasts will tell you the story of its construction and the legends attached to this very special place

. Do not forget the charming Romanesque church of Saint-Médard in Banassac, which was at the very beginning of the Middle Ages one of the most important Christian villages in Gévaudan. Not far from there, in Canilhac, visit the Saint-Vincent church, the old castral chapel of the castle which was once the stronghold of one of the most powerful baronies of Gévaudan.

Finally, discover the town of Chanac, which is full of beautiful churches and picturesque chapels. Take a tour through the Saint-Privat church in Villard, listed as a Historic Monument, and the Saint-Jean-Baptiste church whose altar is also listed.