La Canourgue, Chanac, Banassac-Canilhac ... discover the Lot river Valley’s villages!

Children playing in the streets’ mazes, music from one of the many festivals taking place throughout the year, the producers’ calls to sell his products at the weekly market, there is always something to live in the Lot river Valley’s villages

The Lot river Valley between picturesque villages, castles and churches 

With an exceptionally rich heritage, as evidenced by the villages of La Canourgue, Chanac, Banassac-Canilhac, as well as numerous schools , training centres and a large number of shops and services, the villages of the Lot river Valley welcome us in a warm and festive atmosphere.

Whether for a stopover at the village of La Canourgue, aka “Lozère’s little Venice” so named after its canals flowing through the alleys under houses and bridges, or Chanac and its dungeon dominating its city for centuries, you will discover a heritage with unique history.

The small villages and hamlets nonetheless may shelter treasures: the castle of Saint-Saturnin, Montjézieu or Montferrand, the ramparts of Le Villard; or Auxillac and its mill where Proust’s friend Céleste Albaret was born ... Discover alongside the water the villages of Cultures, Esclanèdes and Les Salelles, nestled in the heart of green meadows and forests.

You will find in the cities of Mende and Marvejols numerous services: hospitals, specialist doctors, supermarkets and specialized stores…

The Lot river Valley in Aveyron

Continuing on the Aveyron side, you will have the leisure to cross villages labelled "France’s most beautiful villages": Estaing, Saint-Eulalie d’Olt,  Saint-Côme d’Olt , as well as the charming village of Saint-Geniez-d'Olt...