In the heart of the Lot river Valley, a medieval charming village


Estaing classified among the France’s Most Beautiful Villages is located in North Aveyron, at the foot of the Aubrac mountains, in the Lot river Valley. The Via Podiensis of the pilgrimage to Santiago of Compostela crosses it. Some pilgrims wanted to avoid crossing the Aubrac, therefore they went directly to Estaing from Saint Flour via Laguiole.

This medieval city has preserved its rich historical heritage. The village is dominated by the imposing Castle of Estaing, listed as a Historic Monument, recalling the historic presence of the Estaing family. It is one of the best known monuments in Aveyron. You may discover it by yourself or through a guided tour.

You can see the Pont d'Estaing also labelled as a Historic Monument. It crosses the Lot river between Sebrazac on the left bank and Estaing on the other bank. Its three pillars are protected by spouts. Its central pillar is surmounted by two architectural elements facing each other: a cross upstream and the statue of François Estaing downstream.

You will have the opportunity to discover the church which shelters the relics of Saint Fleuret traditionally presented as a bishop of the diocese of Auvergne whose relics were brought to Estaing around 1361-1368 by the cardinal Pierre d'Estaing. Built in the 15th century, it is classified as a Historic Monument, likewise the carved stone cross which is on its forecourt and reminds us that we are on the road to Santiago of Compostela.

Throughout the summer season, several events will highlight your stay. Every year since the 19th century, the first Sunday in July, the “Fête de Saint Fleuret” takes place. Several hundred costumed figures represent members of the Estaing clergy and family for six centuries. They follow the ancient reliquary bust of the Saint in procession. Among them, three or four bear the name of "Les Jacques la Coquille", and are dressed like pilgrims of Santiago.

You can also take part in the "medieval" events, organized every second weekend in September. The whole village is immersed in the Middle Ages and many activities are organized around this theme.