The Tarn river canyon: a truly natural destination!

Discover the Tarn river Canyon in Lozère

There are a thousand and one more reasons to come and visit the Tarn and Jonte river Canyons! Their reputation is renowned: these dizzying canyons bear exceptional beauty. Numerous activities await you to enjoy a unique stay in the heart of unspoiled natural spaces.

Discover our accommodation in the Tarn river Canyon

Whether comfortably installed in a lodge, pampered in a bed & breakfast or coolly installed on the waterfront in one of our many campsites, find the accommodation that suits you best in the Tarn river Canyon and set off to discover an exceptional environment.

The Tarn and Jonte river Canyons, exceptional natural sites

Practice many outdoor sports

The Tarn river Canyon is an ideal playground for outdoor sports lovers. Its very particular forms will allow you to practice via ferrata as well as climbing, caving and bungee jumping, and obviously all water sports such as canoeing, stand-up paddle or tubbing.

Enjoy a spectacular environment

To discover the sublime landscapes of the Tarn river Canyon, labeled Grand Site de France and Grand Site Occitanie, let the La Malène boatmen (Bateliers) tell their stories during a boat trip in the canyon. Enjoy the many hiking trails and take a break at spectacular viewpoints.

During your stay, you will be able to observe the canyon’s fauna and flora: different species of vultures that nest in the hollow of the cliffs, the queen of orchids called the Lady’s slipper (in French the Venus’ clog), there is so much to discover within these protected areas! Come visit the "Grand Site des Gorges du Tarn, de la Jonte et des Causses” and discover a unique geology and natural heritage.

The cultural heritage of the Tarn river Canyon

Come and visit the charming and picturesque villages that have developed in the heart of the Tarn and Jonte river Canyons. While nature is breathtaking, the cultural heritage is not to be left out: medieval villages, troglodyte hamlets, classified monuments, "camouflaged" castles at the top of their rocky spur, all places that have given birth to age-old legends that will be told to any listening ear.