Roc des hourtous

Discover one of the most beautiful viewpoints of the Tarn river Canyon

The Roc des Hourtous in the Tarn river Canyon

The Roc des Hourtous, accessible from La Malène or Les Vignes, offers a grandiose viewpoint over the Tarn river Canyon, with a plunging view on the Straits (Les Détroits). At the top of the cliffs, only 100 meters separate the Causse Méjean and the Causse de Sauveterre highlands. It is here, between the Roc de la Truque and the Roc des Hourtous that the famous tightrope walker Henry’s crossed the Tarn river Canyon on a rope in 1990.

The view is breathtaking: the Roc des Hourtous overlooks the Tarn for almost 500 meters, and the view extends from the Baumes Circus to the hamlet of La Croze, one of the most beautiful parts of the Tarn river Canyon. Above, on the left, we can see Saint-Georges de Lévéjac and the Point Sublime viewpoint which overlooks the Baumes Circus. In summer, we can even see the boats and canoes crossing the Straits (les Détroits): tiny moving points, giving us an idea of ​​the vertiginous height of our promontory.


The grandiose view is not the only attraction: vultures are used to these cliffs, and at night the Roc des Hourtous becomes their dormitory. In spring, it is a great place to spot orchids. There is also a snack bar, a picnic area as well as a souvenir shop and an educational botanical trail.

Entrance to the viewpoint is paying