Discover the Point Sublime in the heart of the Tarn river Canyon.

The Point Sublime viewpoint, a must-see site in Lozère

No doubt that it is "Sublime". This viewpoint, the best known of the whole Tarn river Canyon, is also reputed to be the grandest. Perched on the heights of the Causse de Sauveterre plateau, it overlooks the Baumes circus. The Tarn river gives us here the gift of a right angle turn, allowing us to admire the Canyon in a row, from the Straits (Les Détroits) to the Pas de Soucy. Facing us, the steep cliffs of the Causse Méjean plateau seem to invite us, while above our heads spin the griffon or black vultures, completing the breathtaking scenic picture.

Located near the Saint-Georges-de-Lévéjac village, it is reached by picturesque roads which cross the Causse de Sauveterre plateau and pass through villages with typical local architecture. The Point Sublime is a must-see during your visits to the Tarn river Canyon and Lozère.

Part of this viewpoint is arranged to welcome visitors safely. You can extend the experience with a meal or a drink at the snack bar. Are you looking for souvenirs and curious from the Tarn river Canyon and Lozère, local specialties and all kinds of local products? The Point Sublime Tourist Office is the place to be! With a little extra: the Tourist Office’s team awaits you to provide for any wise advice!