Tarn river canyon's animals

Discover the "bouldras" (Occitan name for vultures) and bighorn sheep...

Discover the vultures and other raptors of the Tarn river Canyon

How can one not be amazed at the view of these impressive birds? Disappeared for a time, the vultures are indeed back in the Tarn river Canyon, and the shadow of their spread wings hovers over our heads as they whirl in the currents between the vertiginous cliffs. Largest birds in France, they are the local emblem.

The Tarn and the Jonte river Canyons also host a large number of other birds, eagles and other raptors such as the famous Jean le Blanc hawk-eagle or short-toe eagle.

The other animals of the Tarn river Canyon

Other animals inhabit the canyon’s cliffs. You can also, with a little luck, spot the more discreet cliff’s inhabitants: the bighorn sheep (mouflon) and the mountain goat (chamois) have been repopulating these territories for a few years. Mountaineers of the extreme, they are often seen flirting on the steep walls of the Tarn river Canyon.