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Discovering the birds of the Tarn river Canyon

The birds of the Tarn river Canyon

The Tarn river Canyon’s avifauna is exceptional: in addition to the fact that there are several species of vultures, many other raptors have taken up residence here: kites, buzzards, eagles ... There are many pairs of Jean le Blanc circaète (short-toe eagle or hawk-eagle), considered like a rare species, and it's not uncommon to spot a peregrine falcon or to hear an eagle-owl.

In the heart of the Tarn river Canyon, on the banks of the river, you will find the discreet kingfishers with their flamboyant colors, as well as the pliers-pliers and the fearless wagtail. The cliff slopes welcome the white-bellied swift and the rock swallow, the common raven, the warbler, the sparrow, the blue mountain bird and the red-billed crave.

The Tarn river Canyon is a paradise for bird watchers!