Tarn river canyon's castles

Discover the wonderful castles of the Tarn river Canyon.

The castles of the Tarn river Canyon

In the Tarn river canyon, old stones and rocks merge to create castles that look like coming straight out of a fantastic film. Sometimes camouflaged, they mix so well with their environment that you have to look up and observe carefully to spot them.

Perched on their rocky spurs, these medieval castles have survived the insults of war, of sackings and of time to offer us poignant testimonies. Some can be visited as in Peyrelade, while for many others only vestiges remain such as the Blanquefort and Dolan castles.


The Château de la Caze in the heart of the Tarn river Canyon

Others have found their place at the cliffs’ foot: this is the case of the Château de la Caze, nestled in the hollow of the Tarn river Canyon, in Laval-du-Tarn near Sainte Enimie. Come and discover this splendid 15th century monument, which architecture worthy of a fairy tale amazes young and old alike.

The Château de la Caze opens onto a spacious park on the banks of the Tarn. Listed as a Historic Monument in 1936, it now houses a luxury hotel and restaurant. Pleasure castle, it was built in 1490 by François Alamand as a wedding present to his niece Soubeyrane. It is famous for the painting of Prunier in the Salle des Nymphes, commissioned in 1637 by Anne des Ondes.