Blanquefort's castle

Can you tell the Blanquefort castle from the cliffs surrounding Les Vignes?

Discover the Blanquefort castle in the Tarn river Canyon

The Blanquefort castle overlooks the village of Les Vignes from its rocky promontory from which one can hardly distinguish it. In view of the accessibility of the site and its apparent austerity, this mysterious fortress was probably more a lookout than a stately home...

The Blanquefort castle was already mentioned from the 11th century: Raimond de Roquefeuil donated it in 1193 to the Mende’s diocese. The castle is one of the many that surrounded the Causse Méjean plateau, thus allowing access to the highland to be controlled. Its strategic position enabled watchers to benefit from an exceptional view over the Tarn river Canyon, from the Pas de Soucy to the village of Le Rozier.

If its history has been lost in the meanders of past centuries, the Blanquefort castle, which today is nothing more than ruins, continues to amaze visitors who don’t forget to lift their heads and look up to the heights.