Tarn river canyon's church

Discover the religious heritage of the Tarn river Canyon

Churches, chapels and crosses in the Tarn river Canyon

Religious heritage is mixed here with ancient legends. Sainte Enimie, the sister of King Dagobert, had an extraordinary influence on the region. From the monastery which she had founded near the miraculous spring, was created a powerful abbey which radiated over a large part of the Causse de Sauveterre plateau and the Tarn river Canyon.

Come and discover the beautiful Romanesque churches in the Tarn river Canyon’s villages, the Notre-Dame de l'Assomption church in Saint-Chély-du-Tarn, the Notre-Dame-du-Gourg church in Sainte-Enimie, Saint -Préjet in Les Vignes and Saint-Jean-Baptiste in La Malène.

Discover unusual chapels and hermitages in the troglodyte villages and on the cliffs of the Tarn river Canyon: Notre-Dame de Cénaret chapel, Saint-Hilaire chapel, Hermitage of Sainte-Enimie… and follow in the footsteps of our ancestors milestoned with the crosses of centenary paths.