Tarn river canyon's Linear path

Discover the Tarn river Canyon by foot alongside the water.

Hiking in the Tarn river Canyon

From Florac to Le Rozier, the linear path will allow you to discover the Tarn river Canyon alongside the water.

This 53 kilometer hike covers the left bank of the river. As you go along, you will be able to discover splendid landscapes and picturesque villages, independently. The route is easy and the elevations are not very hard. The small villages along this hike will allow for provisioning at each stage. The hike can be completed in 3 to 5 days depending on your pace and your stopovers.

The bravest can try the ascent of the Causse Méjean plateau, which will lead you to many belvederes on the Tarn river Canyon and pretty local hamlets. In addition, if the hike seems too short, you can extend it to Millau!

 Distance and duration between each village:

  • Florac - Ispagnac 9 km 3h
  • Ispagnac - Quézac : 1.5 km 30mn
  • Quézac - Montbrun : 6 km 1h30
  • Pont de Montbrun - Castelbouc : 3,5 km 1h
  • Castelbouc - Sainte Enimie : 7 km 2h
  • Sainte Enimie - Saint Chély du Tarn : 5 km 1h15
  • Saint Chély du Tarn - Hauterives : 6 km 1h30
  • Hauterives - La Malène : 3 km 1h
  • La Malène - Les Vignes : 12 km 4h
  • Les Vignes - Le Rozier : 11 km 3h45