Le Rozier

Between Tarn and Jonte rivers

Discover the village of Le Rozier, in the Tarn river Canyon

Located between the Tarn and the Jonte Canyons, the charming village of Le Rozier was known in Gallo-Roman times for its pottery-making workshops. It is a place that was of great religious importance with the arrival of the monks in the 11th century who built the Saint-Sauveur church, today listed as a Historic Monument. The name of the town comes from the roses that the priory members cultivated at that time.

The Tarn bed below reflects the thousand colors that each season offers. A magnificent panorama is to be discovered along the valley. By canoe or on foot, it is possible to observe a very rich fauna, such as vultures or even the more discreet otters or beavers.

The Capluc rock

How to speak of Le Rozier without mentioning the Capluc rock? Dominating the Jonte river Canyon, between Lozère and the Aveyronnaise valley, it invites you for an escape thanks to a breathtaking panorama: a spectacular view between heaven and earth awaits you! It is also a popular spot for wild birds nesting on cliffs such as the griffon vulture, king of the air.