One of the most beautiful village of France, in the heart of Tarn river Canyon

Discover the village of Sainte-Enimie, in the heart of the Tarn river Canyon

Sainte Enimie, located at the heart of the Tarn river Canyon, is labeled "Most beautiful villages of France", thanks to its medieval charm, its river pebbles paved alleys, and its Burle spring at the foot of the village, which, according to legend has cured the Merovingian princess Enimie of leprosy. Renowned touristic place, Sainte Enimie is an ideal holiday place for people interested in green, cultural or sport tourism. During the summer season, the village offers many activities: festival, night markets, cultural events ... Sainte Enimie is also a starting point for descending the Tarn river by canoe-kayaking and for hikes that reach the Grands Causses highlands or the linear trail which runs alongside the Tarn river and links the following villages.

The small village located between the Causse Méjean and Causse de Sauveterre plateaus bears an unequaled charm: its old alleys, its old staircases, its XVIIth century bridge allowing to cross the Tarn river and its numerous shops, restaurant and craftsmen. The village of Sainte Enimie is simply a must-see during your visit to the Tarn river Canyon!


Sainte Enimie’s legend

Daughter of Clotaire II and sister of the famous Dagobert 1st, Enimie lived in the 7th century. The princess, of great beauty, had chosen to devote her life to God and turned her back to all her suitors. To avoid a forced marriage, she asked God to lose her beauty ... and oh miracle! That’s how she caught leprosy, and no one anymore wanted to approach her. It was then that an angel appeared and told her to go and heal in Gévaudan, at the waters of the Burle spring, which flows at Sainte Enimie. After regaining her health, she decides to settle in a nearby cave, called the Hermitage. She is said to have performed miracles and to fight against Drac, the devil of Occitania, for a long time.