House of Tourism

Need information or want to leave with local products?

Close to the Gorges du Tarn

Located at the Point Sublime, not far from the village of St Georges de Lévéjac, the "Maison du Tourisme et de Pays" (house of tourisme) "from Aubrac to Gorges du Tarn" aims to promote local products, tourism, hospitality and the discovery of our territory.


What are our goals ?

souvenirs de Lozère

By leaving with these products and souvenirs, you will become our first ambassadors and convey the image of our region "from Aubrac to the Gorges du Tarn "and all our traditions. We want to make an impression with local and quality products, emblematic of our region but also with derivative products that will last over time and remind you of your stay in the region.

Here, local products are a real added value for our territory: local meats, cheeses, jams, cookies, wines, organic and local cosmetics, cutting boards… Associating our local products with a tourist destination, this is an original idea and welcome to highlight the local economy and an authentic territory. Through our Tourist and Country House, we wish to promote short circuits, which therefore allows the local economy to develop and be privileged.


When to come?

After admiring the beauty of the Gorges du Tarn from the panorama of the Tarn river canyon, you will have the opportunity to stop for a few minutes in our INFORMATION POINT / LOCAL PRODUCTS STORE and souvenirs. This information space will allow you to organize your stay "from Aubrac to the Gorges du Tarn", our team will be at your disposal for any information. This space is managed by our tourist office and the food part is managed by a private.

What are our different products?

Dry sausage from Maison Clavel (La Canourgue), sausage from Maison Clavel (La Canourgue), waterfowl jam (Le Massegros) with various flavors, aperitif cookies (La Sauvagine), pâtés from Maison Clavel (La Canourgue), sausage with Maison Clavel oil (La Canourgue), Roquefort cheese, goat cheeses, sheep and cow cheeses, Maison Clavel (La Canourgue) and Maison Souchon cold meats (Nasbinals), local wines, cookies ( Waterfowl), crunchy (flavors of teil), chestnut, mushrooms, organic and natural cosmetics, cutting boards "made in aubrac gorges du tarn", t-shirts, granite ice cubes "on the rocks", bags ...



Alexandre ROUZIER, director of the Aubrac Tourist Office at the Gorges du Tarn

Why did we choose these products?

All of these products come from Lozère or Aveyron, we have selected them because they are products made locally by artisans retaining the know-how, recipes and techniques of the time. These are quality products, which will delight the most gourmet and fans of the region. We chose these products because they recall the traditions, the warm welcome and the beauty of our area from Aubrac to the Gorges du Tarn.