How to watch the deer roar on Aubrac plateau ?

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When to watch the deer roar ?

In Autumn , between middle of September and middle of October .

Can we listen it somewhere else in Lozere ?

Yes , there are deers in the Cèvennes and some on the Grands Causses.

Autumn in Lozère

The end of the summer is the prelude of long nights and short days throughout the forest . As the trees prepare for the sweet sleep of winter , the dead leaves begin to fall off. 

Some trees are preparing for winter while building strengh for the coming seaon . As for the " King of the forest " it is a wonderful time of year. Some of the many reasons to enjoy the fall include making jams, roating chestnuts and collecting mushrooms. One could experience the peculiar smells that come from the rain after a period of hot and dry weather 

An extraordinary experience !

Deer are gregarious animals. They live in herds, generally an alpha to lead their species, sometimes up to three!

The fall is the start of mating season in which a doe will jealously watch the males defend their rights as their guttural cries pierce the forest.

Listening to the grunt of the deer is an unforgettable experience, any person fortunate enough to encounter it can confirm.

A valiant fawn will try to dethrone it’s elders and steal the hinds from their herds. Some animals may even lose up to 20 percent of their weight from constant battle and excitement during this very trying period.

The roar of the deer in Lozere on Aubrac plateau

The woods of Aubrac are populated by many animals. It is at dusk that one will most likely witness the great spectacle of nature and it is best to go with a guide who knows the forest well.

At nightfall, one will become victim between the woods along the paths of the forest, on the lookout for predators. Hearing the cry of the largest animals across the land rise up in the air as darkness settles around can give quite a majestic experience. Most often, deer will challenge one another as the sound of the antlers clashing violently can be heard in the distance. Rest assured, these fights are not fatal.

Indeed, the animal of discreet nature can become less shy during this time. With great caution and discretion, it is sometimes possible to see these majestic animals, but the mere sound of their impressive cries is worth it.

  •  The roar of the deer in Lozére on Aubrac plateau
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