Sunday fisherman or expert fisherman, fishing from the Aubrac plateau to the Tarn river canyon is for you!

Fishing in Lozère

The rivers and streams of the Lozère bring together a multitude of fish which are mainly salmonids. All the waters of the department are classified in 1st category and fario trout is omnipresent. Lozère is an exceptional department for the practice of fishing.

Whether in the lakes of the Aubrac plateau, the Tarn river canyon, the Lot river valley or small streams, fishing in Lozère will bring you back in perfect harmony with nature.


Fishing in this exceptional natural setting with its calm and beauty, no one can be indifferent to it. The numerous lozériens rivers make this department one of the French references of river fishing. Choose to fish in the streams, rivers, lakes and ponds of Lozère, alone or accompanied by a guide, with families, with friends ... There are many possibilities available to you for an unforgettable experience!