Fishing guides

Discover the fishing guides of Lozère, from the Aubrac plateau to the Tarn river canyon via the Lot river Valley

From Aubrac to the Tarn river canyon via the Lot river valley, come and fish in Lozère accompanied by experienced fishing guides

Lozère, country of 1000 sources, is a paradise for fishermen. Seasoned guides are there to accompany you to share their experience. Fly fishing, fishing with lures, on board or in float tube… They can make you discover many techniques or accompany you in your progress.

From initiation to improvement, they will adapt to each level. Depending on the service chosen, you can go with them for half a day or for the whole day to develop or deepen your technique and explore the different aquatic environments of Lozère but also in search of specific species (brown trout , perch, pike, zander and other predators).


In short, your fishing guide will adapt to your desires so that you live an unforgettable experience in Lozère!

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PÊCHE AU PAYS DES SOURCES [sheet--2702300]