Fishing license

Regulations - License and Fishing Card

To fish in Lozère it is necessary to be in possession of a special fishing card issued in certain shops and services. Here is the list of sellers of fishing licenses in our territory:

  • Resto Bar Alex - 3 Rue Alexis Solanet - 48210 LES VIGNES
  • Hotel Restaurant Vergnet - 48340 LES HERMAUX
  • Tobacco Press Triasolo Raynal - Place du Triadou - 48230 CHANAC

To find out more about fishing in Lozère (regulations, fishing map, sites, etc.), you can consult the 2020 Brochure published by the Fishing Federation (click on the image to enlarge):


Pour en savoir plus sur la pêche en Lozère (reglementations, carte de pêches, sites ...), vous pouvez consulter la Brochure 2020 éditée par la Fédération de Pêche (cliquez sur l'image pour agrandir) :