The "end of the world" hamle

Discover the hamlet of Hauterives in the Tarn river Canyon

A short distance downstream from Saint Chély du Tarn, discover the hamlet of Hauterives at the heart of the Tarn Canyon, on the left bank of the river. No bridge or road to access it: the food is transported by a small basket while the men cross by boat. This very old hamlet is, like La Croze or La Sablière, a vestige of the time when the road to the canyon did not exist. Settling in on the left or right bank was at that time of no importance, since the villages were reached by the river or by dizzying paths descending from the Causses highlands.

This hamlet is placed in a strategic location: it was out of reach of the Tarn floods, and did not encroach on the terraced crops. The village’s architecture is of typical local style, and the houses have kept their original characteristics: all built in stone, vaulted and covered with slate. On the heights, you can still see the ruins of the Hauterives Castle. Very difficult to reach, this fortress, during a time in the Middle Ages, protected the Causse Méjean plateau by controlling the valley’s access.

Discover a preserved village with incomparable charm: you can see it from the panoramic view located by the road between Ste Enimie and La Malène, through the pedestrian paths from La Malène or Sainte Enimie which lead to the village.